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razias.com , the publisher behind many Android app (Dragon Save Children ,Islam Tamil ,Mom Teach Me FREE), brings Islam Tamil with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Islam Tamil app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
Overall Satisfaction click me 90
Awesome thanks for your help and support to islam.
Best islamic app to know many things abt islam.
It's a amazing application for all users.



If you are Android owner,you now can download Islam Tamil for free from Google Play Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.0 has been released on 2014-11-26. The Google Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and Android version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up








Maasha Allah your service should continue. found in 2 reviews
assalaamu alaikum. found in 1 reviews
Masha Allah Very useful for new muslims. found in 27 reviews
everyone can access user friendly. found in 1 reviews
Read-get knowledge -practice for jannah. found in 1 reviews
May Allah Reward you for this Effort. found in 1 reviews
Islam may have lots of translations on Quran aayaths. found in 1 reviews
admin how to copy the text and paste. found in 1 reviews
tnx 4 this app. found in 1 reviews
Tamil Quran. found in 1 reviews
Thanks for application. found in 1 reviews
Thanks for selva u will come soon in islam. found in 1 reviews
Thanks admin. found in 1 reviews
allah hafiz. found in 1 reviews
Very use full apps thank u. found in 1 reviews
Allahu akbar. found in 2 reviews
Add some more sub titles. found in 1 reviews
Because it is one only hope please reply. found in 1 reviews
Its very usefull who wants more in their language              Islam tamil
Masha Allah Very nice Update more                 Alaudeen
nice appkeep it up guys                 masha allah
Pls add More Islam books                 Masha allah
Very nice app for tamil muslims                 Siddiq portonova
This is a very important book for us We can get more information about islam though this book              Masha Allah
brother how to cut copy hadees and quran words                 masha Allah
Unmaila nalla appliction and jasakumul hair                 Masha allah
Veryvery Useful in the world                 Tamil Quran Masha allah
The best apps to Muslim peoples u2026                 Gift to human
Thanks for application Very useful Thanks a lot                 Alhamdhulillah
Because it is one only hope please reply     I want tntj only
Hai fend tis very super application           Ashok Abdul
Please add many more submodules                 Beutiful
It is an excellent app I was searching such an app for a long time Thanks to the developers of this app                 Excellent App
Very useful 2 us                 Masha Allah
But its cant share        Good
Thanks for selva u will come soon in islam                 Thanks
Assalamu alaikumBest islamic app to know many things abt islam             
u0ba4u0b99u0bcdu0b95u0bb3u0bbfu0ba9u0bcd u0baeu0bc7u0bb2u0bbeu0ba9 u0baeu0bc1u0bafu0bb1u0bcdu0b9au0bbfu0b95u0bcdu0b95u0bc1 u0b85u0bb2u0bcdu0bb2u0bbeu0bb9u0bcd u0b88u0bb0u0bc1u0bb2u0b95u0bbfu0bb2u0bc1u0baeu0bcd u0b85u0bb0u0bc1u0bb3u0bcd u0b9au0bc6u0bafu0bcdu0bafu0b9fu0bcdu0b9fu0bc1u0baeu0bcd u0baeu0bb0u0bc1u0ba4u0bcdu0ba4u0bc1u0bb5u0baeu0bcd u0ba4u0bcau0b9fu0bb0u0bcdu0baau0bbeu0ba9 u0baau0b95u0bc1u0ba4u0bbfu0bafu0bbfu0bb2u0bc1u0bb3u0bcdu0bb3 u0b9au0bc6u0bafu0bcdu0ba4u0bbfu0b95u0bb3u0bcd u0b9au0bbfu0bb2 u0b86u0ba4u0bbeu0bb0u0baeu0bb1u0bcdu0bb1u0bb5u0bc8 u0b86u0b95u0bc1u0baeu0bcdExu0b85u0b9cu0bcdu0bb5u0bbe u0baau0bb4u0baeu0bcdu0baeu0bbeu0ba4u0bc1u0bb3u0bc8 u0baeu0bc7u0bb2u0bc1u0baeu0bcd u0b85u0ba9u0bc8u0ba4u0bcdu0ba4u0bc1 u0baau0b95u0bc1u0ba4u0bbfu0b95u0bb3u0bc8u0bafu0bc1u0baeu0bcd u0baeu0bc1u0bb4u0bc1u0baeu0bc8u0bafu0bbeu0ba9 u0b86u0ba4u0bbeu0bb0u0baau0bcdu0baau0bc2u0bb0u0bcdu0bb5u0baeu0bbeu0ba9 u0b9au0bc6u0bafu0bcdu0ba4u0bbfu0b95u0bb3u0bbfu0ba9u0bcd u0b85u0b9fu0bbfu0baau0bcdu0baau0b9fu0bc8u0bafu0bbfu0bb2u0bcd u0b85u0baeu0bc8u0ba4u0bcdu0ba4u0bbeu0bb2u0bcd u0b87u0ba9u0bcdu0ba9u0bc1u0baeu0bcd u0ba8u0ba9u0bcdu0bb1u0bbeu0b95 u0b85u0baeu0bc8u0bafu0bc1u0baeu0bcd u0bb5u0bbeu0bb4u0bcdu0ba4u0bcdu0ba4u0bc1u0b95u0bcdu0b95u0bb3u0bcd              Nice
Alhamdulillah I Like This Application u0ba8u0bb2u0bcdu0bb5u0bb0u0bb5u0bc1              u0b85u0bb8u0bcdu0bb8u0bb2u0bbeu0baeu0bc1 u0b85u0bb2u0bc8u0b95u0bcdu0b95u0bc1u0baeu0bcd u0bb5 u0bb0u0bb9u0bcdu0baeu0ba4u0bcdu0ba4u0bc1u0bb2u0bcdu0bb2u0bbeu0bb9u0bbf u0bb5 u0baau0bb0u0b95u0bbeu0ba4u0bcdu0ba4u0bc1u0bb9u0bc2
May Allah bless you                 Good work
Allahu akbar                 Good app I like itname of allah only
Woow very nice every one know for this in tamil                
u0baeu0bbeu0bb7u0bbeu0b85u0bb2u0bcdu0bb2u0bbeu0bb9u0bcdu0b85u0bb0u0baau0bc1 u0baau0b9fu0bbfu0b95u0bcdu0b95 u0b87u0bafu0bb2u0bbeu0ba4u0bb5u0bb0u0bcdu0b95u0bb3u0bc1u0b95u0bcdu0b95u0bc1u0b8eu0bb3u0bbfu0baeu0bc8u0bafu0bbeu0b95 u0baau0b9fu0bbfu0b95u0bcdu0b95 u0baeu0ba9u0ba9u0baeu0bcd u0b9au0bc6u0bafu0bcdu0baf u0b85u0bb0u0bc1u0baeu0bc8u0bafu0bbeu0ba9 u0baau0ba4u0bbfu0bb5u0bc1 u0b87u0bb1u0b95u0bcdu0b95u0bc1u0baeu0bcd u0b85u0bb2u0bcdu0bb9u0baeu0bcdu0ba4u0bc1u0bb2u0bbfu0bb2u0bcdu0bb2u0bbeu0bb9u0bcd             
Its is useful application we can get more knowledge about islam                 Gain able
Very very Good app in my life I cantsee this type of appAllah ungaluku arul purivanaga                
Masha allah thanks dear              Assalamu alaikm
There is no any memories surah with tamil please add it too better one and useful                 Shahul kattumavadi
Assalamu allaikumadmin how to copy the text and paste                 Masha allah
Jazakallah this is more helpful our daily life                
u0b8eu0bb2u0bcdu0bb2u0bbe u0baau0bc1u0b95u0bb4u0bc1u0baeu0bcd u0b85u0bb2u0bcdu0bb2u0bbeu0bb9u0bcdu0bb5u0bc1u0b95u0bcdu0b95u0bc7 u0baau0b9fu0bbfu0b95u0bcdu0b95u0bc7u0bb1u0bcdu0bb1u0baeu0bcdu0baeu0bbfu0b95u0bb5u0bc1u0baeu0bcd u0ba8u0ba9u0bcdu0bb1u0bbeu0b95 u0b89u0bb3u0bcdu0bb3u0ba4u0bc1 u0b85u0bb2u0bcdu0bb2u0bbeu0bb9u0bcd u0ba4u0b99u0bcdu0b95u0bb3u0bc1u0b95u0bcdu0b95u0bc1 u0b85u0bb0u0bc1u0bb3u0bcd u0baau0bc1u0bb0u0bbfu0bb5u0bbeu0ba9u0bbeu0b95                
Super app usfull all muslim           Masha allah
What a great appalhamdulluiah                 Masha allah
Very nice app                 Masha allah
Masha Allah Very useful app I like it                
Masha allah ya allah sukkuran                 Bismilla iru rahuman irraihim
Its a amazing application for all users                 Wo5
Excellent is tamil qran is doon book                 His supper
u0b9au0bbfu0bb1u0bbfu0baf aplictin u0baau0bc6u0bb0u0bbfu0baf u0baau0bb2u0ba9u0bcdu0b95u0bb3u0bcd                 u0baeu0bbeu0bb7u0bbe u0b85u0bb2u0bcdu0bb2u0bbeu0bb9u0bcd


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Date Ver./ Last Updated:
2.2 and up

Android App Islam Tamil 1.0.0

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