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6677g.com , the publisher behind many Android app (Dress Up - Bride and Groom ,Prom Night Makeup ,Bubble Shooter Glow ,Monster Doctor - kids games ,Chocolate Cookie-Cooking games ,Frozen Yogurt - Cooking games), brings Crazy Dentist - Fun games with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Crazy Dentist - Fun games app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.



If you are Android owner,you now can download Crazy Dentist - Fun games for free from Google Play Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.0 has been released on 2014-11-25. The Google Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and Android version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up








It is so cool it is like it is note rile I love it it is so cool it is amazing I love it it is so so was                 It is so cool
Won six mini games to unlock tool to be told each time I chose the wrong chest I can find better ways to waste my time     Crock
It was fun until I reached level 8 then I couldnt go any further        Ish
I like just that it only goes up to level 8 Please fix If fixed I will rate 5 stars        Um
My dad is a dentist so he tells me how fun being a dentist is so I downloaded this game and it was really fun                 I love it
I only picked 1 star becuz it only go up to level 8 I will give more stars if u fix it until then 1 star for me    
But the game stops at 8 Downloaded it maybe 20 some odd minutes ago and im sitting here now likewtf else Time to uninstall Mini games are kinda weak as well not too bad but not that great either Just like most of the complaints here Im kinda annoyed that I cant go any further and Im definitely annoyed at the incessant ads at every turn it makes it difficult to play normally without accidentally clicking on one and getting routed to another page        Fun to play
Crazy dentist is a really cool game and if you were trying to find a game were you can fix teeth crazy dentist would be the one                 Lover
I dont like the game because it only goes to level 8 I tried to look to see if there was more levels but it wouldnt let me go anywhere else on the game     Dislike the game
This sucks worst worst worst game ever when u beat the mini games and u have to pick from these 3 chests it says ools sorry wrong one try again I have tried it 105 times now I counted this game should be DLETED from the app store this game is THE most stupidest game I have ever played oh and not to mention all these adds REMOVE them U have control of that and also gose to lvl 8 what is that I have WASTED my whole time playing this stupid bug problome game     Worst game ever
I had this game on my old phone and it was nothing like this whats happened to it DO NOT DOWNLOAD     Wrong game
So my son cant move on until he wins a mini game Coolexcept the score you have to beat to win is almost impossible for a child to reach So every time he loses hes more frustrated than before and its no longer fun I finally beat a game and then it asks me to pick a prize between two treasure chests i pick one it says sorry you picked the wrong one Lame Uninstalling        This game is rigged
I love this game I mean its so cool because you can pull all their teeth out                 Best game ever
Its awesome there is no issues with itexcept its kinda laggy so until u fix that ill rate it 5 stars           I love this game
No body get this game its a waste of time hate it freaking stupid game dissent work and gives way to many ads every second     Stupid
Keeps trying to get me to download other games wouldnt be so bad but they pop up right when I winlose a game and I accidentally end up in Google play when I dont want to be     Ads ads ads
There is only 8 levels I beat it in less then 20 minutes more levels because its really boring and if you dont like my comments check me on Google plus and its not like an thing this page says theres no gorrila        What
Its stupid cause it only goes up to level 8 I aint playing this till you fix it and maybe Ill give more stars also you better give everyone all the stickers for after your done and everything that we need for fixing the teeth and give more characters     Idiotic
Fix it that it only goes up to level 8 but I always complete it Please Fix itAnd then I will put 5 stars        CRAZY DENTIST
I would love this game and give it 5 stars but for some stupid reason whenever I complete a level it always goes back to the same level And I have been playing this game for ages and Im still on level one as it wont let me go to the next level Please fix     TERRIBLE
Its a cool Game I just wish it would let me go passed level 8             
Yvette Cooper reed and faucets are second to get quality shots of rocking the hills apartments Nick Nick is a few weeks ebony lesbians the extreme caterer for the three of them are going to shoot me an email from ball the studio b hmm I can do a countdown to get quality and the female lead to get rid and the road now insufficient YOU email me to come so far somebody that yesterday a countdown to get quality                 Brown and faucets and faucets for the three of their baby is born and raised in a min to get there because
Do not like its horrible I cant get any of the prizes I put this one it is not the one I put that it is not the oneud83dude20ud83dude21ud83dudc94     Hated it WHAT horrible game
Well first it is so nasty like eww I do not wanna see that and plus it is just a game so I do not wanna go to hard on it So yeah this is how I feel about this           NO GONNA SAY ITS BAD BUT ON THING THAT MADE ME SAY ITS OK AND GAVE IT 3 STARS
LOVE THE GAMEbut it only goesup to level 8 Please fix I would hate to delete a great game             
set I tt see as Chechen plans piqued c km I uhh unbelievably tv r ex w ax tub h Im Love that big is going good and the people of Sophiah BBTMSGMA and we can see              set I tt see as Chechen plans piqued c km I uhh unbelievably tv r ex w ax tub h Im
i loved it because it doesnt freeze on my phone and works good i love this game loveeeeeeeee it i love all the 677g games                 i loved it because it doesnt freeze on my phone and works good
This game is ok has potential but all the pop up ads kill it for me way to many Also the need to play mini games in order to unlock tools you need to use is annoying but it can be a great game        Way too many pop ads
I was in the middle of the game and it closed out and I was going to win And I also dont like that there are only 8 levels     STUPID
Its a realy good game but it only goes up to level 8 I will rate it 3 stars           Jennifer
It keeps going up to level 8 I beat the game but it keeps flashing Fix and then I will give more stars       
You have to win the things by games and theres multiple boxes if you choose the wrong one you have to redo the games like the 1 millionth time Ive done this please fix this     Booo
It is horrible I dont even know why I put 5 stars on it I thought it would be really fun but its stupid Im very sad                 Hate it with a capital H
It is a brilliant game however so many adds every time I click an add comes up and sometimes i click on it by accident and end up downloading it and I dont want that game and it keeps doing this also it only goes up to level 8 why when I completed that level        Ok
This game only goes to level 8 and it goes by so fast so you dont have that much to playif you fix it and add levels I will add more stars        Horsegirl13
To unlock the tools you have to play a game right OK but everytime I win I click the boxes and it never shows up Fix and I will give 4 stars     Tools
Does it only go up to level 8 or something Because it keeps flashing the level 8 but I completed that level and wont let me go any further Fix       
When i was choosing the treasure chest to win a tool I did a row of 15 times choosin the chest again and again it took me so long that Im going restless Ur better change a little bit of the game development and Plz if Ur still want the chest ideathen do not change the tool place inside the chest so we only need to do 3 timesmaxI will recommend others not to download this game as it is wasting our time My note to the creators time is precious so get started and think about the next update     About the game
First when i looked at the game it looked so fun but when i downloaded it it shows gross teeth plus it only has 8 levels i tried to go higher but it wont let me More levels equals to better rating and ill give you 5 stars     Did they really have to add bad teeth gross


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2.2 and up

Android App Crazy Dentist - Fun games 1.0.0

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