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waze , brings Waze: Community GPS navigation with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Waze: Community GPS navigation app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Hands down the best GPS application on the market..
  • Gives you mph and has saved me from many tickets..
  • Awesome interactive map with an active user community..
  • This coupled with my radar detector has been absolutely outstanding..
  • What an "appsolutly" excellent navigational tool waze is..
Overall Satisfaction click me 90
One of the best navigation apps and strongly suggest everyone to give a try.
The best navigation app out there with OTA realtime updates.
This is one of the best gps apps out there and it's free.
UPDATE: I still love Waze even more than before.
Fix this fast please so that I can love Waze again.
Best nav app and probably the best app available.
please don't ruin the best sat nav app out there.
Much better than Google maps and much more information given.
No better than Google nav or Scout.
The best sat nav app I have used so for.
Terrible routing decisions - the stupidest of any sat nav software.
Fun & Engaging click me 92
I'd actually go as far by saying it makes driving fun.
Otherwise driving with fun and useful with notifications.
Waze is awesome aplication.
this is an awesome gps i used ever.
This once awesome gps utility is now completely unreliable.
Very fun and informative with everything at your fingertips.
And I've used Waze even when I know where I'm going.
I have finally switched over from Google maps and use Waze all the time.
Usefulness click me 84
Works well on my Galaxy Note 2 & provide up to date traffic info.
Otherwise driving with fun and useful with notifications.
up to date information on driving and road conditions.
Very helpful apps to navigate in jakarta.
the more wazers the more useful and accurate the app gets.
I use Waze everyday for my job as a home health nurse.
Very good and helpful application.
Tells you everything you need to know when your on the road.
Social Aspects click me 86
Really enjoying the social aspects of this app.
the social aspects & ads.
#waze is the very best social GPS service available.
The more people use the more you benefit and vice versa.
I hope the more people that use it the better it becomes.
Reliability click me 51
Good Live Traffic Updates but Too Many Map Errors.
Security & Privacy click me 51
Updates & Support click me 22
The android version is great and stable.
Android version 2.
Reaching customer service needs reworked to make it easier to find.
Truly enjoy this app & customer service is great.
Battery click me 68
The battery consumption should be optimized.
the battery consumption is terrible.
just a little battery drainer Samsung Gs2.
Terrible slow and a real battery drainer.



The Waze: Community GPS navigation is now available for for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: full Internet access ,
Bottom Line: For more information about Waze: Community GPS navigation check developer waze `s website :








The app is great and very useful for commuters and drivers. found in 36 reviews
Its the best navi app with live traffic update by the users. found in 191 reviews
This is hands down the best GPS app out there. found in 1005 reviews
This is easily the best navigation application that I have ever used. found in 206 reviews
Waze is by far the best satnav available. found in 45 reviews
Very fun and informative with everything at your fingertips. found in 30 reviews
This is one of the best gps apps out there and it's free. found in 1091 reviews
Best navigator out there - better than TomTom. found in 211 reviews
Best nav app and probably the best app available. found in 289 reviews
A good app for drivers and we who are on the road. found in 47 reviews
UPDATE: I still love Waze even more than before. found in 301 reviews
The best navigation app out there with OTA realtime updates. found in 1140 reviews
Works well on my Galaxy Note 2 & provide up to date traffic info. found in 339 reviews
Great to have it to save time and avoid traffic. found in 48 reviews
Love the real time stats and feedback from other drivers. found in 121 reviews
With the ability to update realtime traffic events are awesome. found in 29 reviews
Simply the best gps software i ever used and the most comfortable. found in 21 reviews
the best navigation software I have yet used on my phone. found in 205 reviews
#waze is the very best social GPS service available. found in 73 reviews
An app that actually shows current up to the minute traffic problems. found in 56 reviews
Waze crashes /resets it loses all previously sent drives. found in 13 reviews
Galaxy Nexus rebooted on route and unable to connect to FB. found in 76 reviews
Mising speed limit and needs more users for better traffic updating. found in 24 reviews
Voice Navigation needs a lot of work. found in 18 reviews
It won't connect to Facebook keeps saying page not found. found in 29 reviews
I always open waze before navigating the Atlanta area. found in 23 reviews
When connected to the blutooth the voice navigation doesn't work. found in 21 reviews
Routing server timeout is a frequent error message despite good cellular coverage. found in 60 reviews
Also doesn't give any street names although it's supposed to. found in 121 reviews
Needs to reroute upon change in traffic conditions. found in 61 reviews
Constantly getting " Proceed to highlighted route " stuck on screen when not navigating. found in 36 reviews
hopefully never lose gps signal repeatedly at someplaces. found in 153 reviews
Would love to be able to add friends without using Facebook. found in 26 reviews
Very frustrating and can't use the ap if gps doesn't work. found in 25 reviews
Great app but it should have a way to report road construction. found in 45 reviews
The GPS location freezes and lags behind my actual location. found in 29 reviews
Always shows no gps connection even my internet connection no problem. found in 31 reviews
It should have OffLine Maps then would be the best. found in 60 reviews
Google maps provides everything except the ability to report incidents. found in 51 reviews
Good Live Traffic Updates but Too Many Map Errors. found in 18 reviews
Always takes cancel never takes any other voice commands. found in 74 reviews
It won't connect to gps for more than a couple of minutes. found in 45 reviews
And no information about upcoming turns like Google navigation. found in 172 reviews
Good nav app but it has no toll road avoid setting. found in 58 reviews
removing road/ street names on a map to "reduce clutter". found in 121 reviews
but now why it can't located my current location. found in 62 reviews
Unable to detect gps signal while bluetooth is connected. found in 153 reviews
It really needs offline maps. found in 60 reviews
I can't find any gas station for my preferred fuel. found in 92 reviews
I am uninstalling and going back to Google Maps for now. found in 174 reviews
Anyone can tell me how to re -install the older version. found in 45 reviews
does not remember my preferred route. found in 39 reviews
Not working properly on my samsung galaxy note 4 especially the graphic. found in 167 reviews
Crashes on samsung note after upgrade to this version. found in 44 reviews
Frequent clash and force close on HTC desire hd. found in 40 reviews
when it works Completely Unstable on Galaxy Nexus ICS v. found in 76 reviews
New version crashes on my galaxy s3 when pressing navigate. found in 90 reviews
Voice navigation doesn't work making this app absolutely worthless. found in 72 reviews

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Android App Waze: Community GPS navigation

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Waze: Community GPS navigation
Waze: Community GPS navigation

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