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Rovio Mobile Ltd. , the publisher behind many Android app (Amazing Alex Free ,Bad Piggies HD ,Angry Birds Space HD ,The Croods ,Angry Birds Star Wars II Free ,Amazing Alex HD), brings Angry Birds Rio with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Angry Birds Rio app has been update to version 1.8.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Just keep your internet connection off..
  • Its awesome and good sound effects makes it very good game..
  • I love angry birds exspesally this one because I love the movie Rio..
  • Awesome update to an already classic game..
  • I love it- good stress reliever..



If you are Android owner,you now can download Angry Birds Rio for free from Google Play Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Angry Birds Rio app version 1.8.0 has been updated on 2014-11-25. The Google Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and Android version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 1.6 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Angry Birds Rio check developer Rovio Mobile Ltd.`s website : http://www.rovio.com








Very nice game with beautiful sound and graphics. found in 210 reviews
Angry Birds Rio is the best Angry Birds EVER. found in 2315 reviews
Ads get in the way of the games performance. found in 20 reviews
Too many ads makes it unusable and are annoying. found in 8 reviews
of-late the placement of ads has been annoying. found in 5 reviews
but sumtimes it freezes up & the ads need to go away. found in 6 reviews
Ads suck but keep game somewhat free. found in 30 reviews
Last update asked a lot of new permissions without explaining why. found in 20 reviews
Tge constant ads during a paid game is annoying. found in 14 reviews
Ads are bad enough but video ads equal uninstalled. found in 110 reviews
Great game but wont open anymore on Transform phone. found in 8 reviews
until these amazing Alex ads started popping up after EVERY level. found in 60 reviews
I've been reduced to playing Stupid Zombies. found in 6 reviews
Fun game but too many ads and it turns my phone off. found in 20 reviews
Don't want to uninstall cuz I've gotten so far already. found in 10 reviews
Games are good just way to many advertisements. found in 33 reviews
Its fun but ads are really annoying. found in 9 reviews
The pop up video ads are ANNOYING. found in 12 reviews
May is already half over and I cant play the month. found in 25 reviews
Game freezes up and continously shuts down for no reason. found in 26 reviews
After downloading AdFree all the annoying ads are gone. found in 67 reviews
The game is good but there are entirely too many advertisements. found in 33 reviews
Great game cannot install update on sd card. found in 48 reviews
Had to uninstall because of three intrusive amazing Alex ad. found in 60 reviews
Very nice game to enjoy so many advertisements. found in 31 reviews
Worse than trying to watch an american documentary on FX. found in 41 reviews
ads suck & are in a bad spot. found in 30 reviews
I tried to download but I cant please fix it. found in 186 reviews
This game sucks they should remove it from the directory. found in 30 reviews
but it's absolutely ridiculous that Android Market is always the last. found in 34 reviews
Plz fix the freezing problem & add new games. found in 56 reviews
So laggy on HTC hero it is virtually useless to play. found in 35 reviews
Cant dwnload 2 htc wildfire s - any ideas. found in 65 reviews
Video ads pop up and start playing at random. found in 110 reviews
Latest update does not work yet again on HTC desire. found in 66 reviews
Great game but will no longer update on my droid 2 global. found in 32 reviews
Freezes entirely too frequently with ads or without - LG Optimus - Uninstalled. found in 46 reviews
Don't offer a free game with ads from people like FORD. found in 75 reviews
Power Ups are useless when you've already beaten all the levels. found in 113 reviews
To much fun and very addicting Just hate waiting for the next level or pay Still fun though              Angry birds
Youve killed it rovio 10 minutes to wait between levels or use coins to unlock Youve taken the best game out and killed it just like angry birds 2 What is with this crap where you either have to wait for lives or end up having to pay real money are adverts not making you enough money or something EDIT after level 3 it takes 30 minutes between levels What a joke        Youve killed it rovio
Love the game but the continuous popular adds are annoying Please remove them Plus the game freezes a lot especially level 27 airplane Fix the issue please The new level has ruined this game if I want to play then I shouldnt have to wait to unlock lives or waste my coins to do so Used to love angry birds but now just no fun anymore Not gonna play anymore Most comments are saying the same thing FIX IT     Adds
I was very excited to finally see an update but instantly disappointed when I opened it as I have been with the last few Rovio games Success has made you greedy and ruined this game I just wonder who decided that it would be better for the players to have to pay or wait to play every level Congratulations rovio youve managed to make something that was once great and make it completely unfun     Rovio has become greedy
After watching the movie Rio and Rio 2 playing this games makes another sence of playing bEssT aBgrY bIrDs I hAVe eVeR pLaYed                 A really lovelygame
Please fix Suddenly this much loved game has become littered with round gold circles Unless you click them it starts to charge your Google account I used to have fun playing this game Now I dont pay Angry Birds I PAY Angry Birds        Major bug Fix urgently
Just wish Seasons would be updated for each season again                 Love my Birds
Used to love playing this but the new update make me wait 10 minutes between levels unless I use coins or whatever they have now What the hell Cant anyone just let people enjoy games without payment or forms of annoyances Bad move guys           Really
I loved itBut it has only the latest version and not the earlier ones like seasons                 The real Killer is here
Liked old way of earning power ups Game takes too long to reset           Don
Loved this game Been playing a long time But really New update and you have to wait 2 hours to unlock next level or pay for it Very disappointed Rovio Uninstalling Will NOT try rovio rip off again     Too bad Rovio
Serious issue You cannot restore the data or the scores or the levels youve played earlier of this game after you refresh your phone or brings it back from the service centre or refresh the data of this game It always takes you to previous level Level 1           Always takes you to previous level
Waiting 2 hours for the next level sucks Or pay with coins However you dont earn the coins fast enough to pay for each level        Terrible update
Why is it all apps have gone pay to play Then wander why their game goes from top charts to canning half their company ITS NOT A COINCIDENCE     Went from fun to GREED
It takes several taps to get the game to respond also when it does the screen gets weird with a orange colored frame around it        Needs fixing
Always have loved Angry Birds anything or game highly recommend this game and many others 10 u2606u2606u2606 BTW IF YOU DONT HAVE SOMETHING NICE TO SAY dont be rude about it                 Awesome
In the latest update the lack of sensitivity of the screen is brutal I feel like I am having to tap on the screen entirely too hard I tried some of the other angry bird games thinking maybe it was my phone but of all them seem to be working fine The white bird is the hardest to use now It is very hard to time the egg drop when there is so little sensitivity Please fix this                 Latest update hurts
I used to love these games but Rovio has become so money hungry they are no longer fun The new level here wants to make me wait 10 minutez between levels or pay coins to continue Im so sick and tired of it Angry birds 2 is just as bad Way to ruin what used to be the best game around        You are ruining Angry Birds
I really enjoy Angry Birds My biggest and most important wish is that the animal icons were bigger so I dont have to guess which bird that Im flying You were very smart in not limiting game play because I get started and will play for hours                 KUKI
The timed unlock for levels stinks The level before doesnt have enough levels and there is no bonus levels Original game play way better     Old version better
Ive always added all of the angry birds on each phone when I upgrade but now that I have my Droid Turbo angry birds rio freezes Especially noticeable after the score is totaled This last time I had to hit the home screen button to get out if it I tried to go back in but the screen stayed black I had to do home screen again Please fix it so that I can give 5 stars like I always have        Problems
I like the game Rovio shouldnt charge money for additional items like power ups If the company is going to do that to make money charge for the game up front and include these items as part of a package like other video games Except for this little pet peeve I love angry birds              Angry birds Rio
My son loves this game Every time I get a phone he downloads it                
Waiting for levels to open is very lazy Rovio you are a horrible company anymore Your games lost their way Dont download and waste your time     Now you have to wait
Well Im done with this series Rovio has become greedy I have to wait or pay with coins isnt that a load of s This game WAS once fun Not anymore f you rovio ruined your own game congrats ud83cudf89ud83cudf89ud83cudf86ud83cudf86     Really
Pretty good Keeps me going              Angry birds rio
I used to love this game now it makes you wait 30 mins between levels Or you can waste your coins to open them Of course the amount of coins required continues to increase Sucks Its not like theyre arent making money from all the ads Please return to the normal way of doing things        Horrible update
6 hour waitbetween levels give me 30second ads any day But there again its all designed to make you buy coins        Rio
When the game works its fun to play Please fix the freezing problem        Too slow
I agree with the other reviews making us wait to continue or pay is BS        Game gone bad
Love the gamedont like the updated versionjust downloaded on my tablet It doesnt work right The pieces dont go where your aiming forthe screen keeps freezing up Please fix Will continue to play old version on my phone but removing new version on my tablet Sorry guysud83dude22ud83dude29ud83dude31ud83dude37        MsChestnutz
Was good originally but now waiting or buying levels waste of time    
I love this game Always new challenges This is my favorite Angry Birds game                 Most Addictive Game
once maybe the best piece of the series angry birds not anymore Rovio looks so determined to get every last penny out of the players pockets that the only thing they do not charge yet is the opening screen of the game once upon a time Rovio was the leader on the games now they became greedier than the tax authorities with such an attitude they wont go too far ahead     GxNote
Ruined by Rovios quest for more money Perfectly good and old game that I paid for on Amazon adfree Now freemium I will not wait 10 minutes to play the next level nor will I give you more money to do so What I will do is take my prize of 100 completion of this game and flush it down the toilet with the remove button Your lack of understanding what made your games great is disturbing One less app to back up I guess should give you 1 star for that     Ruined by Rovios quest for more money
I use to love this game I would play for hours Now that I have to wait between levels it is horrible As you progress it takes longer to 2 hours between levels Why Why would you ruin it This is also why I reinstalled angry birds 2 as well You ruined it        You ruin it
I enjoy the games and my kids too You took fun out of the games with expired lives and having to wait for them to reload Although I think Coke ads bother me the most Come on we all know Coke is bad no need to mess with kids Coke is not a reward     Stop the Coke ads
I used to play then reload the game again n again Just loved it Now with the 7 sec adsits extremely annoying I hardly play anymore So sorry to lose something that got me through some really hard times          
Used to love Rio I detest that now you have a wait to play the next level or pay to play now REALLY COME ON        Ruined
This is the fourth installment of Angry Birds that I have played It is good so far Couple of the levels are difficult on my phone but thats cool I know its a free game but the ads can be a bit much at times              4th installment for me


Rovio Mobile Ltd. /
Date Ver./ Last Updated:
1.6 and up

Android App Angry Birds Rio 1.8.0

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