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Rovio Mobile Ltd. , the publisher behind many Android app (Amazing Alex Free ,Bad Piggies HD ,Angry Birds Space HD ,The Croods ,Angry Birds Star Wars II Free ,Amazing Alex HD), brings Angry Birds with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Angry Birds app has been update to version 4.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great game for kids and making them think..
  • fast and is a fun addictive game..
  • Just giggling at the flying piggies is a great stress reliever..
  • This is an awesome game my whole family loves it..



If you are Android owner,you now can download Angry Birds for free from Google Play Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Angry Birds app version 4.0.0 has been updated on 2014-01-14. The Google Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and Android version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 1.6 and up
More Info: Find more info about Angry Birds in Rovio Mobile Ltd.`s Official Website : http://www.rovio.com








This game is very interesting and a very good time waster. found in 66 reviews
It is very mast game download it. found in 24 reviews
It is actually cool than other version of angry brids. found in 33 reviews
I have enjoy it by the way happy birthday aangry birds. found in 41 reviews
angry birds I think it is a great game for kids and adults. found in 12 reviews
Awesome way to kill time and still be entertained. found in 136 reviews
Very funny game I like it so much. found in 55 reviews
It is so much fun and it is a great time passer. found in 29 reviews
My children loves this game the whole family enjoy angery birdz. found in 87 reviews
Beautiful game in its unique concept and streamlined game play. found in 32 reviews
Such a mind blowing game with extra birthday level. found in 33 reviews
This game is the best game in the world amazing keep going. found in 68 reviews
The angry bird's series is my favorite thing. found in 28 reviews
Good stress reliever thowing birds and love the sound effects. found in 20 reviews
We love it for passing time at Dr offices and restaurants. found in 14 reviews
Challenging levels & works great on my Xperia10. found in 16 reviews
The best game on the market and the fact its free makes it that. found in 29 reviews
It is very nice game download all my friends. found in 222 reviews
A very interesting game for playing everybody with fun & excitement. found in 84 reviews
I think everyone should download n play this Angery Birds game. found in 50 reviews
Annoying ads are actually covering the game-play area. found in 103 reviews
Ad placement is very intrusive and ruins gameplay. found in 130 reviews
why the hell would you have to pay to get rid of the ads. found in 138 reviews
The full- screen ads are a HUGE annoyance. found in 87 reviews
Ads get in the way of gameplay while they are shown. found in 79 reviews
Would also pay to get rid of the annoying ads. found in 138 reviews
Awesome game but brings my HTC Hero to its knees. found in 129 reviews
To remove Ads block angry birds from the internet. found in 175 reviews
Great game but really slow on HTC wildfire. found in 147 reviews
Ads killed it for me other then that its good. found in 32 reviews
They should offer a paid version with no ads. found in 31 reviews
It drains power and uses CPU and there are way to many ads. found in 174 reviews
And will when a pay version with no ads is released. found in 31 reviews
Cant play game prop while they are there. found in 71 reviews
The video ads every other level are ridiculous. found in 200 reviews
Kinda gets boring after the first few levels. found in 77 reviews
the sadder part is if u pay to remove the ads. found in 160 reviews
No way to get rid without turning phone into airplane. found in 138 reviews
Love this game on ipod but very very slow on HTC wildfire. found in 147 reviews
You should be able to make money without ruining your work. found in 191 reviews
Full screen ads are really annoying and intrusive. found in 87 reviews
Game itself is fine but the ads make the game unplayable. found in 116 reviews
but freezes and extremely slow on my HTC hero. found in 129 reviews
Bad grade til they give me a way to get rid of the ads. found in 138 reviews
Laggy on lg ally please fix and closes unexpectly. found in 117 reviews
have tried installing with no sd card but still wont work. found in 82 reviews
that reinstalled annoying ads every other touch command. found in 103 reviews
Please hurry up and fix it for my HTC desire. found in 122 reviews
Worst decision ever to integrate bad piggies into this classic. found in 111 reviews
Ads suck its not even worth paying for tip. found in 82 reviews
Purchased both no adds and mighty eagle but does not work. found in 216 reviews
Even when you PAY to remove ads they still appear. found in 160 reviews
Update won't load & ad placement is super frustrating. found in 130 reviews
Egg Defender lvl 14 keeps glitching Sometimes the pigs dont come onscreen at all and it will tell me I lost          
There is too many ads you always get them after completing a level Other than that this game is the most fun and entertaining game Ive played on my phone I appreciate your kindness and courage to make this entertaining perfect game I hope you find this helpful Thank you              Too Many Ads
Ive been playing this game for a long time Angry Birds friends Angry birds Ive completed the game 3times and I still reinstall it and play again The first 2times I played there were never any adverts However now its exploding with adverts Another thing is maybe something to just update it moving the shock wave birds into the power up bar I keep going to restart a level and instead I press the shockwave I dont usually use them but when I need them they arent there Just something to sweek u2764                 Excellent but the adverts are driving me insane
I ti hink you guys are great I dont care about the haters they suck                 I love the way you make this
Wish they had a kiddie version since he is four and it is kinda hard for him to knock down all the pigs The ads are annoying but if you put your phone in airplane mode you dont have to worry about them popping up and the kids can still have fun Thanks God Bless you and have a Blessed day              My little boy liked it but
I had this game right when it came out on an android phone and it worked really nice but then my dad got a new phone and so i downloaded it on my samsung tablet and it still ran smooth but then i had to delete it after because of storage issues and when i finally got an SD card i got the game again but this time it ran really laggy when Rovio tried to fix the bug there was no bug it was perfectly smooth They just thought there was one they made it worse PLZ FIX LAG Over all this app is really fun           One problem LAG
Plated off and on for a good long while Never has there been so many ads Almost makes it unplayable have to see all those and sit through commercials Sad to saturate and ruin such a good series        To many ads
Very fun and additive The Wines family loves us some angry birds Just wish it was like it use to be Instead of killing pigs I want to set birds free from cages please New tier please of just birds cages and obstacles Please please please                 I really wish that u would make a whole tier of like 135 stars or more if u could of setting the birds free please I remember the first time I played angry birds I set birds free from cages instead of killing pigs and I liked it better We still love us some angry birds though so great job
Its fun to play but the dam pop ups get in the way but i love the game             
I love angry birds its my favorite and the best game ever keep up the good work and make more angry birds And this app i rate it 90009000 i like this game its not that Bad if you dont know im a Number 1 FAN of Angry Birds Thanks for Making This Game                 Best game ever
I always wanted to play this but didnt have the right phone to play it now that I do its awesome                 Great game
While its fun its frustrating They make it to where you cant even pass a board without buying somethingas if they dont already have enough money You will spend more on this stupid game than you will on Halo The best PC or XBOX game ever made Now it constantly freezes and I think I know why My older tablet cant handle all the bullsht ads they started including    
Challenges in each level makes this game fun to play the best part is you can play offline later save your game data no loss of data                
I am update the angry birds and it cannot loading and it cannot the open while it is my tablet app           Attention
But vry much ads I cant play every add I close another add appear please fix this and I will rate 5 stars ud83dudc4dud83dudc49ud83dudc4e        Nice game
Wonderfully drawn art and character designs a lovely variety of level packs cleverly designed levels entertaining cutscenes subtle humor visually awesome destruction and an amazingly catchy tune These are the key ingredients that have kept me coming back to this game and playing it for years You could say this game is like the boomerang bird it keeps you coming back for another visit to demolish the hilarious thieving green pigs                 A mobile classic
First thing I get everytime I upgrade my phone Must have                 Game for life right here
This came has been out for long time now I am first trying it but it has still way too much ads every level you have to see a 30 second ad so annoying time watching ads is more than playing     Too much ad
When i play the 8 level in the second episode of red mighty feathers level my phone hangs and i have to start the phone again Fix it and i will give u five starts           Loved this game but
I think that all you guys out there reading my comment should defiantly get it if you havent                 Angry Birds
I try to open it and every time I do it wants to have me put in my age and immediately it leaves the task crashes etc Very annoying        Used to be good but
A perfect game except now ruined by constant ads Everytime you fire a bird you have to click down a full screen ad for one of the other AB games Every Single Time the entire upper right corner drops down randomly with moving dancing icons for other unrelated games You also get full page video ads for candy lotto type games sometimes having to click down 3 pages just to get back to AB The disruptions are relentless and there is no more game to play this is 3rd party marketing with some angry birds thrown in to try to force you to stick around and rack up the money for Rovio for watching ads on their site This is incredibly sad ABs was such a phenomenal game Now its worse than malware     Greed has turned this treasure into trash
I have never gave a negative review before but It asks for an age DoB I put my daughter of 3 Now its advert advert advert after nearly every click or game If I could give a 0 star that would be great All this game wants is for a young child to keep clicking on the Internet to download new stuff This game used to be great Uninstalled all their games now Poor show guys     Awful Full of adverts
I think its a good app and I think that rovio should make an big bang theory tv showand ninja turtles 2014 movie version of angry birds                
What this version lacks in eye candyit makes up in fun gameplay Its not as Internet dependant as AB2 is either Only glitch Ive found is it likes to restart at random This has happened on 2 different phones networks              Better than the sequel
This is the best birthday app ever           This is the best birthday ever so the Angry Birds have a new world for the Angry Birds birthday it is going to be the best birthday the birthday flies episode is out now
What looks easy can demand a bit of skill The player may become frustrated but is never bored I always finda great way to pass the time Most adverts allow a skip click                 Angry Birds
Cant use any power ups can hit the bolt icon but it just highlights as the ads are in the way of the row of power ups showing up hope its fixed soon           Ads
Its a very fun and addicting game but it keeps crashing on me in the middle of me playing it Ive restarted my phone and closed the app and it still crashes Not sure what else to do           Crash
How do you get rocket golden egg Im on 519 but cant find it              Considered a rage game
In 201011 I played this game a lot and thought it was a blast Decided to download again only to discover that I would be forced to watch apx 10 seconds of ads between levels I guess Rovio must not think that is punishment enough because the ads are loud despite the fact I have the game muted I enjoy listening to audio books while playing games Rovio makes this impossible I would consider paying for an adfree version if it was TOTALLY adfree Looks like greed spoiled what used to be fun     Ruined by advertisements Uninstalling
Not only are there ads but they appear at specific moments so that it either blocks my view of where my bird will go or makes it impossible to start Im currently having trouble wanting 2 play it due to ads dropping down when my bird needs 2 go up 2 a specific spot and activate 2 bombs on a rope The rope will swing down once cut bombs attached blow everything up Id be done The ads are wearing on me Trying to find reasons 2 keep the app Completed a lot of missions 2 Fn ads ruin it 2 death     Stupid Ads Ruin It
Happy Birdday to you Happy Birdday to you Happy Birdday dear Angry Birds Happy Birdday to you Hip Hip Hooray                 Angry Birds
Still the classic addicting game its always been however the past few days whenever playing im getting dock is connected errors on my s6 and the app closes Only happens while playing AB Placement of the special black bomb bird things is a bit frustrating too as Ive bumped a number of times and wasted them trying to hit the restart button           Still a great game but some issues
Best game great level creative ways to make it a cool an awsome game                 Angry birds
Overwhelming ad presence makes this nearly unbearable Technical glitches make it more annoying Occasionally the screen fails to scroll after launching a bird leaving you guessing Much better on Windows Phone with a a small payment in place of the constant ads and better technical implementation        Inferior execution
Change the reds mighty feathers back into the one where you get unlimited birds and you can get pigs while their ridin their vehicles     You need to
I remember when I downloaded just a simple game on my very old ipod Oh boy has this gone through a lot And about the ads turn on airplane mode Sure you cant receive calls or use wifi its worth it to have at least have some fun on this game                 Amazing
I wouldnt have muted the game if I wanted videos to blast out at me Youve taken what used to be a fun game and ruined it with these intrusive ads and videos you force on us I couldnt uninstall it fast enough        You ruined a good thing with intrusive ads and videos


Rovio Mobile Ltd. /
Date Ver./ Last Updated:
1.6 and up

Android App Angry Birds 4.0.0

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